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Mini 12v 300PSI Air Compressor Tyre Pump

Mini 12v 300PSI Air Compressor Tyre Pump
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Model: AirCompre-300PSI
This portable Compressor works for most 12V auto tyre, perfect for car(4X4,minibus,truck under 2 tons), bicycle tires, ball, inflatable rubber boats, etc.

Also, when the car leak suddenly on highway or field, it can develop the function of the emergency. It is incredibly versatile and a lifesaver in some instances. Cars keep correct tire pressure, can save gas and protect he tyres, so placing one in your car trunk is necessary.

This product is a metal pump, therefore it has great inflatable pressure, it inflates fast. Metal construction also guarantees long life and durability.


* Three transformed nozzle adapters

* Low loss with metal movement

* Air inflation is quite

* Low noise and works smoothly

* Cylinder oil-free design

* Built-in precision pressure gauge


* Condition: Brand new

* Color: Black

* Material: PP

* Working voltage: DC12V

* Max.electricity: 15A

* Power form: DC

* Size of wire?3m

* Air pressure: 300PSI

* Pipe size: 45cm (Approx.)

* Outline size: 16.5×140cm(Approx.)

* Weight: 0.5kg


1 X 12v 300PSI Air Compressor
3 x Air Cock

Method of application:

Step 1: Put the nozzle of the top rubber tube on the tire valve, when hear the sound of the air emission by tyres, it means the air had circulated, you can move the air tap wrench inward 90 degrees and compress. Then the air won’t leak any more.

Step 2: Take out the plug, put on the car cigarette lighter directly, then it can be inflated.

Step 3: When inflation, meter needle will rise with the tire degree of saturation, When the cursor reaches the proper tire pressure,(Car tire pressure is commonly223kpa=35PSI)?take out the plug and air tap, then it’s done.

Step 4: Please use this machine which is equipped with professional ball, plastics are connected to the gas mouth, when inflate for ball games and other equipment.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 20 July, 2017.

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