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Fitness Yoga/Pilates Foam Roller - Green - 90cm

Fitness Yoga/Pilates Foam Roller - Green - 90cm
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Model: YogaRoller-90x15-Green
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This 15cm diameter roller is made from high density EVA foam with textured dotted surface which is soft to touch for added comfort. It is durable and will maintain its shape even after repetitive use over a long period of time.

It's great for your lower body as it helps to alleviate soft tissue tightness of legs, lower back, glutes, hamstrings. The foam roller stretches muscles and tendons and provide smoothness by increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. t is ideal for individuals, fitness professionals and rehabilitation specialists, for home or gym use.


* No slipping or sliding

* Fundamental for many mat exercises (yoga, Pilates)

* Using the foam roller helps improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination

* Lightweight, easy to carry and clean

* Home, gym or therapy use


* Condition: Brand new

* Color: Green

* Material: EVA

* Surface: Massage Floating Point

* Size: 90cm x 15cm


1 x Yoga Foam Roller


(1) After the warm-up exercises to do yoga column.
(2) The site of the soft tissue on the bottom of the column you want to relax.
(3) Gently roll the column body, the muscles need to be trained to train.
(4) The column moved slowly from the center to the extremities of the body.
(5) If you find body parts in the column pain,maintaining that part of the action until relax.
(6) Note tight little movement or parts.
(7) Rolling several times in every part of the shaft, until you feel relaxed. Sometimes there may be some discomfort.
(8) Ensure that the shaft in the soft tissue area, rather than directly on the bone or articular.
(9) The first time the use of the foam roller is shorter, 15 minutes is sufficient.
(10) At the beginning, after a period of time to rest for a while exercising.
(11) After the workout drink plenty of water, just as the same after a body massage.
(12) If desired, a few weeks after the training time can be increased.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 March, 2015.

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