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Laptop Battery for Toshiba A200 A210 L450 L500

Laptop Battery for Toshiba A200 A210 L450 L500
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4 star : 4(33%)
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Price: NZ$22.67
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NZ Warehouse
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Model: BAT-Toshiba-PA3534
Laptop Battery for Toshiba A200 A210 L450 L500


* Cell Type: Lithium-Ion
* Capacity: 5200mah 6-cells
* Voltage: 10.8V
* Condition: New compatible battery

Compatible with the following battery part NO.:


Compatible with Toshiba laptop models:

Satellite A200, A210, L450, L450D, L500, L500D, L505, L505D, L550, L550D, L555, L555D

Satellite A200-10W, 1N3, 23V, 10X, 1N5, 23W, 11C, 1N7, 23X, 12Q, 1N8, 23Y, 12S, 1N9, 23Z, 13E, 1NF, 244, 13M, 1P6, 24A, 13O, 1PD, 24B, 13V, 1RK, 24B, 14D, 1S5, 258, 14E, 1S6, 25B, 17X, 1S9, 25C, 180, 1SI, 27R, 18M, 1SJ, 27U, 18T, 1SM, 27Z, 18W, 1SN, 28H, 195, 1SP, 28P, 19K, 1SQ, 298, 19L, 1SV, 2BO, 1A9, 1TO, 1AA, 1VC, 1AB, 1VD, 1AE, 1VG, 1AI, 1VM, 1AX, 1VN, 1BJ, 1VP, 1DA, 1YU, 1DN, 1YW, 1DQ, 1YX, 1DR, 1Z2, 1DS, 1Z3, 1DT, 1Z8, 1FJ, 1Z9, 1GB, 1ZB, 1GH, 1ZF, 1GM, 201, 1GS, 202, 1HU, 204, 1HV, 205, 1IW, 206, 1IZ, 207, 1J0, 208, 1BW, 1XO, 1CR, 1YO

Satellite A210-10A, 111, 117, 11B , 11C, 11K, 11P, 127, 128, 129, 12U, 133, 135, 149, 15A , 15J, 15K, 162, 165, 169, 16C, 16F, 16G, 17X, 17Z

Satellite L450-137, 16K, 16N, 16Q, 16U, 171 , 181, 18D, 188, 18Z, 19V, 19Z

Satellite L450D-113, 114, 119, 11G, 11H, 11V, 11W, 11X, 128, 12H, 13G, 13P, 13X, 13Z

Satellite L500-1ET, 183, 1GJ, 1GK, 1GT, 1PR, 1Q0, 1Q8, 1QK, 1R1, 1R2, 1RK, 1U2, 1UR, 1WG, 1XC, 1XD, 1XJ, 1XL, 1XM, 1XP, 1XQ, 1XV, 1XW, 1XZ, 1Z5, 1Z9, 11N, 11V, 1ZC, 1ZM, 128, 207, 131, 20Z, 13N, 210, 13V, 219, 13Z, 21G, 17L, 21T, 19X, 237, 19Z, 24C, 1C3, 1CQ, 24V, 1D7, 1D9, 1DT, 1EJ, 1EM

Satellite L500D-11R, 13K, 163, 16L, 16M, 17D, 17N, 183

Satellite L505-10N, 10P, 10V, 10W, 10X, 10Z, 11E, 139, 13D, 13H, 13J, 13X, 144, 14K, 14L, 154, 156, 10N

Satellite L505D-10C, 10J

Satellite L550-113, 13U, 13V, 19U, 1C9, 1CC, 1CW, 217, 21D

Satellite L550D-110, 11F, 136

Satellite L555-10U, 10V, 11K, 11L, 11U, 12Q, 12X, 135

Satellite L555D-10E

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2015.

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