Paire of Anti-Nausea Sickness Bands Relief Wristbands

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Do you or your child suffer from motion sickness, sea sickness, or car sickness during travel? This anti nausea products can help you feel better naturally, with no drug interactions.


* Applying pressure to the acupressure point on each wrist has been proven to relieve nausea & vomiting

* No drugs or side effects are associated with this clinically tested product

* One size fits all, fits for children and adults comfortably with soft cotton material and strong elastic designs

* Safe, reusable & washable


* Condition: Brand New

* Material: Polyester Cotton

* Color: Black(As pictures shown)

* Quantity: 2pcs

* Product Size: Approx. 5 x 3cm(L x W)

* Package Size: Approx. 7.5 x 6 x 0.5cm(L x W x H)

* Gross Weight: Approx. 0.008kg


2 x Anti Nausea Wristbands

How To Use:
1: Find the correct area which is in between the two tendons on the underside of the wrist, three fingers widths from the first crease of the wrist.
2: Mark the precise position.
3: Wear wristband on both wrists and put the button on the marking position and press 2 minutes.
Good trader Quick delivery Thanks. 
Sat Mar 28 2020

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