T5 Snap Button Plastic with Snaps Pliers

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With the snaps pliers, you can install plastic snaps in just seconds. Lightweight, easy to use. Great for converting cloth diapers from velcro to snaps, as an alternative to sew-on buttons on clothing, on bibs, unpaper towels, and other embroidery, craft, sewing and household projects.



* 10 mixed color, convenient for you to choose
* Snap size: T5 (12mm)
* 1 snap button set includes 2 Caps, 1 stud and 1 socket
* Material: Plastic

Snap pliers:

* Pliers for assembling plastic resin snaps, idea for your sewing and crafting projects
* Snap pliers using for T3, T5 and T8 snap

How to Install plastic snaps with the press pliers

1. For each snap, you will need two caps, one socket and one stud.

2. Make sure your pliers match the size of the snaps you plan to fasten.

3. Choose your spot to install the snap and stick your awl into your fabric to create a small hole.

4. Insert one cap and one socket into the pliers and line up with the hole you made with your awl. Repeat this step with one cap and one stud where you plan to install the other side of your snap.

5. Squeeze together a cap+socket AND THEN a cap+stud.

6. Once you have each side of your snap installed, the socket and stud will click together! If either side feels loose, simply set the one side of the snap in the pliers again and squeeze.


1 x Plier
1 x Screwdriver
2 x Transparent rubber cap
2 x Black base(suitable for T3&T8)
1 x Metal rod
1 x T5 snap buttons (10 colors)
1 x English Instructions
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