Microwave Collapsible Food Cover & vegetables Storage

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This Collapsible Microwave Food Cover helps keep food moist and keeps the inside of your microwave clean by preventing splatter. The vented holes allow steam to release evenly, preventing condensation. It’s also designed to fit standard-sized plates, yet collapses to store compactly. It must an absolutely essential kitchen tool.


* Keeps the food splatters inside the cover for a cleaner microwave

* Can be thumbs to easily "pop up" and press to flatten for easy storage

* Used as a strainer for easy draining of vegetables and fruits

* Perforations allow steam to escape safely while heating and a built-in handle makes it easy to remove


* Condition: Brand new

* Material: PP + TPR

* Color: Red

* The maximum acceptable temperature is 600℉

* Unfold Height: 8.2cm (Approx.)

* Fold Height: 2.8CM (Approx.)

* Diameter: 26.8cm (Approx.)

* Package size: 169g (Approx.)


1 x Microwave Collapsible Food Cover & vegetables Storage
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Wed Sep 02 2020

Great trade. Thank you. 
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Good trade. 
Fri May 11 2018

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