I2C Level Translator Module Compatible with 5V-3V System

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Many channels I2C level translator module, IIC UART SPI TTL Bi-Directional level translator module, compatible with 5V-3V system.


* I2C level translator module, 3V to 5V, 5V to 3V for Arduino

* VIN connected 5V system power supply

* 5A connected 5V system

* 5B connected 5V system

* GND connected 5V system GND

* 3V3 connected 3V system power supply

* 3A connected 3V system

* 3B connected 3V system

* GND connected 3V system GND

* Size (LxW): Approx. 16 x 12mm


1 x Level Translator Module
2 x Rows of 4 Pins
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